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Hands on Session: ALKS Scenario Set Generation in a Fast and Efficient Way With Scenario Designer

Webinar Scenario Designer

Scenario-based testing is a crucial aspect of the development process for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) functions. The generation and validation of scenarios can be a tiring task, as it requires meeting certain standards to ensure that the resulting files can be interpreted by all simulation environments. To address this challenge, ASAM OpenSCENARIO and OpenDRIVE standards have been established as XML format files that provide descriptions of the dynamic and static content of a scenario.

To streamline this process, the AVL Scenario Designer™ was developed as a user-friendly tool that replaces the need for manually writing the aforementioned XML files. Scenario Designer facilitates the rapid generation and validation of ASAM OpenX compliant scenarios, enabling the efficient development and testing of ADAS/AD functions. In our webinar, Sergio Augustin Gallego, Analysis Engineer ADAS/AD Solution, will show you the workflow for creating and parameterizing a set of automated lane keeping system (ALKS) scenarios using Scenario Designer.

Key topics and takeaways:
Preparation of set of ALKS scenarios with Scenario Designer
Road Builder
Definition of “triggers” and “actions”
Parametrization and case generation

As a participant of the webinar, you can then obtain a test license. Supported by our experts, you can gather your own experience with our tool. The license can be retrieved up to two weeks after the webinar.

Recording available - 60 min
Presentation language
  • Virtual Function Development – Controls and ADAS


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Sergio Augustin Gallego

Sergio Augustin Gallego
Analysis Engineer ADAS/AD Solution

AVL Deutschland GmbH

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