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Hands-On Vehicle Tailgate Opening Simulation

PreonLab Live Webinar

The increasing number of different vehicle models represents a growing burden and challenge in today's vehicle development. The interaction of the vehicle with rainwater or during a water wading scenario often has to be accompanied by time-consuming and cost-intensive prototype tests. Until now, these applications could hardly be solved using traditional CFD methods.

PreonLab supports you in making the right design decisions already in the early development phase. Water wading or rainwater management can be simulated with minimal effort and in short calculation times from days to hours. PreonLab thus secures your development and significantly reduces the time to market.

Recording available - 60 min
Presentation language
  • Introduction to our particle based CFD software PreonLab
  • Applications that can be addressed with PreonLab
  • Live demonstration of model setup
  • Simulation performance
  • Postprocessing capabilities

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Dr.-Ing. Alexander Oliva

Alexander Oliva
Senior Technical Sales Specialist
AVL Advanced Simulation Technologies

Sukesh Ghosh

Sukesh Ghosh
CFD Application Engineer
AVL Advanced Simulation Technologies

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