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High Fidelity E-Motor Dynamics and NVH Simulation


Properly considering the excitation of the e-motor is essential when analyzing the NVH of e-drives. Typically, electromagnetic forces on the stator and torque on the rotor are precalculated using electromagnetic tools. The high-fidelity NVH workflow in AVL EXCITE™ M allows the calculation of stator forces and rotor torque within the dynamic simulation model depending on the rotor radial offset and tilt, taking into account rotor skew, controller settings, and real currents generated by the inverter (PWM influence).

Recording available - 60 min
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  • Single 2D electromagnetic simulation enables correct modelling of skewed e-motors.
  • The same e-motor model can be used for the stationary and transient simulation.
  • Transient simulation considers controller settings influence on dynamics and NVH.
  • Rotor eccentricity influence on NVH
  • PWM influence on NVH

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Saša Bukovnik
Solution Manager – Virtual Powertrain Development
AVL Advanced Simulation Technologies



Christoph Schweiger
Team Leader Structural Dynamics
AVL Advanced Simulation Technologies


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