High voltage system testing for commercial vehicles

AVL’s expertise in electrification helps to set the right configuration of systems and testing.
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High voltage testing of hybrid and electric components, powertrains or complete HV Systems (e.g. the combination of ICE, e-motors, fuel cells, transmissions, axles, batteries, inverters and auxiliaries) is a method to ensure the optimal interaction and operation. This again results in improved quality and efficiency.Intelligent test environments for high voltage system are crucial for guaranteeing the overall performance and efficiency of future vehicles.The overall system optimization of electrified vehicles is especially challenging, given the amount of possible control strategies, configurations and functions. The higher the degree of electrification, the more important it is to efficiently manage the system in order to maximize the vehicle’s range.In this free webinar, attendees will learn about the latest status of high voltage component and system testing and will get an insight on possible test cases.

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