How to Boost Gasoline Combustion Efficiency


Today more than ever, communities around the globe are committed to reduce CO2 and pollutant emissions, targeting a healthier environment and a sustainable utilization of resources. We are currently witnessing tremendous changes especially in the transport sector, with the once indispensable combustion engine facing strong competition from battery electric and fuel cell powertrains. While these new propulsion systems offer much lower tank-to-wheel emissions compared to Diesel or gasoline engines, many aspects regarding their broad adoption are still open. This is why it is vital to find suitable methods to make IC based powertrains more efficient and cleaner. AVL’s experts have shown how simulation is supporting the research and development of pre-chamber SI Engines and the utilization of water injection in a past webinar. Both technologies lower fuel consumption and NOx emissions while still meeting the demanded engine performance. Join the upcoming webinar in which AVL takes up the Pre-Chamber topic once more and introduces its recent advances in gasoline Ultra High Pressure Fuel Injection. We will focus on simulation methods which have been developed and refined during recent months. Key software capabilities required to perform the discussed simulation tasks will be highlighted. It will be shown how 1D system and 3D component models are used to analyze real world scenarios and to discover further optimization potential. In addition, results from physical hardware tests, which have been performed to verify both, the used simulation tools and methods, will be presented.Attend our webinar and learn how pairing the right methods with the right simulation tools opens the possibility to explore options and take decisions towards lower emissions.

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