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How to Boost Validation Speed in Pure Virtual Environments of Software-Defined Vehicles​

DevOps Pilot

A combination of efficient simulation techniques, optimised test approaches and the use of agile development technologies is required to increase validation speed in purely virtual environments. Some of the most important requirements for improving validation speed in a purely virtual environment:

  • High-fidelity simulation
  • Scenario-based testing
  • Continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD)

Discuss with us how these requirements can be implemented in your existing development process in the automotive industry, with a special focus on ADAS/AD development, validation and verification.

Recording available - 30 min
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  • Automatic build-routines is the key for high acceptance, scalability and foundation for optimised workflows & collaboration
  • A central platform for orchestration and collaboration is key to resolve system integration complexity
  • To address system validation and verification, full traceability of all artifacts (Simulation, Test Cases, Controller SW, parameters, etc.) is key

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Kieran MCAleer

Kieran McAleer

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Heiko Scharke

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