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How Can the Development of CO₂ Emission-Free Combustion Engines Succeed in Time?

CO₂ Emission-Free Combustion Engines

Awareness of the need for a more sustainable mobility is growing, and with it the pressure on engineers to deliver solutions quickly. There is no question that the internal combustion engine (ICE) can and will continue to play an important role in future mobility. However, to realize internal combustion engines with zero CO2 and zero-impact pollutant emissions, the use of alternative fuels is essential. Hydrogen (H2) is seen as the most promising.
To successfully convert existing diesel engine concepts to H2 engines, basic questions must first be answered, such as: How do you get H2 into the combustion chamber? How do you achieve the best air-fuel mixture? What is the best way to ignite H2? What NOx level is produced? Can I get a diesel-like performance?
By integrating simulation into your development process, you can not only shorten your time to market. You can quickly explore different concepts using thermodynamics cycle simulation to prepare or to confirm design decisions. 3D-CFD gives you detailed insights into mixture formation, combustion, and heat transfer. Our solution supports you throughout the entire development process with assistants such as the engine model generator, parameterization wizards and various automated workflows. This makes the solution easy to use and requires little training for you.

Key topics

  • Learn about the possibilities to master the challenges of using Hydrogen as fuel for ICE’s from the perspective of a simulation engineer
  • See how Thermodynamics and CFD can help developing Hydrogen-fueled engines to meet performance and emission targets
  • Get to know about recent developments in AVL Simulation solutions, related to the application of Hydrogen
  • Explore how automation of simulation quantifiably speeds up development, reduces effort and costs
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