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How to Reduce Validation Time for Various Types of HiL Testbeds Within Software-Defined Vehicles

Virtualization HiL

Join our webinar on software-defined vehicle (SDV) development and explore the revolutionary changes in vehicles and development methods focussing on software, E/E architecture and high-voltage integration. Learn more about the impact on test systems such as E/E HiL and get to know AVL's neutral test configuration tool for streamlined SDV testing.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • ​​​​​​SDV development transforms vehicles and development methods.
  • Key aspects include software, E/E architecture, ECUs and more integrated vehicle systems.
  • This has  implications for test system definitions such as E/E HiL.
  • Complex validation needs require a harmonized approach.
  • AVL demonstrates a neutral test configuration tool for efficient testing in SDV development in all test environments and proposes a new E/E testing oriented HiL application.
Recording available - 30 min
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Emre Kural

Dr. Emre Kural

Department Manager Virtualization


Halil Ziya Ahmed

Halil Ziya Ahmed

Product Manager HiL Systems


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