How to Simulate and Validate ADAS/AD from a Different Perspective


Current developments and ambitions for the future of road transportation are now working towards higher levels of automated driving. Virtual calibration, verification and validation of automated driving functions have become essential aspects of the vehicle development and testing process. However, manufacturers face multiple challenges to ensure reliable and trustworthy test results, such as the large number of required scenarios and test cases or selecting the right quality criteria and KPIs.The key elements to successful automated driving functions are not only their positive impact on safety, emissions and efficiency, but also the trust and acceptance for human passengers. How does it feel being driven by an automated vehicle? And what are the indicators to validate and optimize perceived safety and comfort?This webinar presents the building blocks that AVL has been developing to simulate ADAS/AD functions and to optimize their quality. Philippe Nitsche, Lead Engineer ADAS/AD Simulation at AVL will show how AVL’s ADAS/AD cloud simulation platform works and how it can be used to validate safety and comfort. Special emphasis will be put on AVL’s unique assessment method using AVL-DRIVE™, which is capable of quantifying perceived safety in an objective way. This allows evaluating ADAS/AD quality from a different perspective.

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Dr. Philippe Nitsche

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