How to use an e-motor emulator to test an inverter

Gaining new insights on how quick and easy it is to connect an inverter to a Power-HiL testbed

All high-voltage components in electric powertrains require dedicated testing methods and tools. The inverter is the heart of electric traction systems as it controls all driving conditions and is part of safety-critical vehicle functionalities.An Electric Motor Emulator (EME) replaces electrical motors for testing drive inverters on a full power basis without the need for mechanical setup and is independent of real e-motor hardware. It serves the test requirements of modern traction inverters throughout all development phases. The focus of this webinar will be to demonstrate how simple and quick it is to connect a power inverter to an inverter testbed.The following topics will be covered:

• What is the role of an E-Motor Emulator in an inverter testbed?

• How to set up the connection of test inverter with EME?

• How to check the operation of the rotor position sensor?

• What key interfaces must be considered?Register now for this free online training on July 30 to find out more about innovative ways to develop and test power inverters.

Recording available - 60 mins
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