How Virtual Development Can Ensure Superior Vehicle Driveability


AVL’s Mario Teitzer explains how a cutting-edge simulation solution can help engineers to optimize driving characteristicsIncreasingly stringent regulatory requirements for emissions and energy efficiency are forcing automakers to implement a variety of new technologies in new vehicles, with powertrain electrification a key strategy. At the same time, customer demands for a superior driving experience, driving performance and comfort - commonly referred to as driveability - are increasing. AVL efficiently tackles this challenge with a unique simulation-based development method that allows engineers to reliably and precisely predict end user-relevant driving characteristics. This is done early in the development process, long before any prototype vehicle has left the workshop, and even faster than in real time. As Mario Teitzer, Lead Engineer at AVL’s Powertrain Engineering business unit, explains in this 60-minute webinar, cutting-edge vehicle simulation is an important step in achieving shorter time-to-market and reduced development costs.

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Mario Teitzer

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