Hybrid Powertrain Diagnostics – From Modules to Powertrains to Vehicles

Find out how to test, analyze and optimize the modules and their complex dynamic interactions in a hybrid powertrain assembly.

The core of our solution to handle module tests as well as the analysis of entire powertrains in a lab, on test beds, chassis dynos and even on the road, is a diagnostics platform system: small, dedicated sensor – recorder units combine into multichannel signal recorders and data interfaces.

Takeway: The diagnostics architecture for routine module test configurations up to powertrain analysis installations for chassis dyno and road tests.

Recording available - 60 mins
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  • A module test example: NVH issues in an e-motor configuration
  • On powertrain test bed: ICE start/re-start dynamics in a belt driven starter-generator configuration
  • On chassis dyno and road: Thermal management of ICE catalyst modules in start/re-start sequences

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Ernst Winklhofer

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