Hydrogen – a Solution to the Intermittency of Renewable Energy Sources


The trend towards renewable energy sources will continue under the pre-amble of GHG emission reduction targets. The available renewable energy is higher than the global energy demand. The question is how to harvest and store it properly?

Intermittency of renewable energy resources makes the supply less predictable compared to traditional energy sources like coal or gas. Chemical energy carriers like hydrogen and synthetic fuels seem to be at least part of the solution for storing renewable energy. The efficiency of the well-to-wheel energy chain will be essential. Increasing the efficiency in the electrolysis leverages a high potential.

Martin Rothbart from AVL will show how to choose the right energy storage method for renewables. In a possible ramp-up scenario Martin will talk about the use case of small geofenced fleets. He explains how they can be the starting point for ramping up to a CO2 neutral transport sector.

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Meet our experts who are the presenters of this webinar.

Martin Rothbart, Senior Product Manager

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