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Improve Your Safety & Cyber Security Development Efficiency with AVL FUSE™

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The mandatory cybersecurity and safety regulations UNECE WP.29 R155 and R156, ISO/SAE standard 21434 and ISO 26226 impact the automotive industry and its stakeholders. Hence, to warrant protection against cyber-attacks and threats throughout the product lifecycle, cross-company organization, responsibilities, and governance need to be reshaped from scratch. As part of the AVL Cyber Security Solutions, the powerful process management tool AVL FUSE™ (Functional Safety & Security Environment) is the first choice for OEMs, Tier-n suppliers, engineering service providers, fleet managers, or approval authorities to tackle the challenge of operating a cybersecurity and safety management system and master complexity in a blink of an eye. Moreover, effortlessly handle up to a universe of work products as well as deliverables with the One-Tool-One-Approach solution and secure your vehicle type approval in the appropriate quality-assured form. Thanks to the unique metamodel, meeting requirements, and ensuring legal compliance is easier than ever before: Collaborate with your entire value chain on tailored activities, track and monitor multiple milestones and projects simultaneously, link documents to your deliverables with drag-and-drop ease, upload all your files on your in-house file storage, and export automatically certification-ready reports.

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Harald Petschnik, Business Innovation Manager Philipp Eisner, Development Engineer Security

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