Introducing the High Speed Electric Drive Unit for the next generation of Passenger Cars and Light Duty Vehicles

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Introducing the high-speed Electric Drive Unit for the next generation of Passenger Cars and Light Duty Vehicles The stage is set for one of the most exciting AVL R&D projects on Electrified Transmission and E-Drive technologies!Our new innovative high-speed E-Axle design significantly contributes to the sustainability of future e-car generations by reducing material resource efforts and cost. The applied materials, especially in the E-Motors, such as copper, magnets and electric sheets, shall be used to their full capacity by increasing the power density through increase of speed. But where are the limits?Within this webinar we will provide an overview of the current development status, along with test results and insights on:


• cost, material, weight and vehicle integration

• the fitting transmission incl. concept selection

• tooth geometry, bearings and lubrication

• a novel power inverter solution for highly integrated E-Axles based on SiC technology

• innovative approaches for integration and power density

• NVH behaviorThe final EDU consists of two single wheel drives with a total torque output of 5.000 Nm, a power up to 480 kW peak and torque vectoring.There are no speed limits on the road to innovation. Join now!

Recording available - 70 mins
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Meet our experts who are the presenters of this webinar.

  • Henrik Dhejne
  • Mathias Deiml
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