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Leveraging 3D Insights for Optimal Fast Charging Performance

fast charging

Join our webinar where we will look at the influence of the manufacturing process on the fast charging of battery systems.

We present you an approach to three-dimensionally analyze battery behavior during fast charging using AVL simulation solutions. We explore the benefits of spatial resolution for monitoring local effects to ensure optimal battery SoH (State of Health) and fast charging performance.

In the webinar we will focus on these three key aspects.

Simulation of Gap Filler Application Process:

  • Discover the power of PreonLab for virtual analysis of the gap filler application process.
  • Learn how PreonLab predicts the resulting shape of the gap filler and the required process parameters.

Transitioning From Virtual Production to 3D CFD Analysis:

  • Learn how to seamlessly transfer data from PreonLab to AVL FIRE™ M.
  • We will guide you through the process of setting up virtual test cases specifically tailored to fast charging scenarios.

Fast Charging Analysis – Insights From 3D CFD:

  • Learn more about the simulation of fast charging with 3D CFD.
  • Gain deeper insights into the dynamics of fast charging through thermal analysis with 3D CFD.
  • Explore the results and understand how different process parameters influence fast charging dynamics.
Recording available - 60 min
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  • Battery
  • Fast charging
  • PreonLab

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Josef Ruetz

Josef Ruetz
Senior Simulation Engineer
AVL Deutschland GmbH

Matteo Fritz

Matteo Fritz
Simulation and Support Engineer
AVL Deutschland GmbH

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