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Mastering Thermal Propagation – Concrete Solutions Instead of Trial and Error

Webinar Thermal Propagation

In the development of battery electric vehicles (BEVs), safety plays an essential role alongside range and service life, determining customer acceptance and approval. Especially due to ever increasing energy densities, passive safety in case of fire has turned out to be a major challenge for almost all OEMs.

As a leading development partner worldwide, AVL has been able to address the challenge of the propagation of so-called thermal events in batteries (thermal runaway and thermal propagation) in numerous development projects in recent years. Thus, a methodology was developed to analyze the phenomenon in detail from a technical point of view.

Virtual methods from the field of simulation are used as well as principle and component tests up to tests on system level. Above all, however, a toolbox of countermeasures was set up, which provides concrete solutions, for example in the form of design guidelines. This enables our customers to save significant time and costs when it comes to meeting the current requirements according to ECE R100 v3 or the GB regulations. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Braun and DI Dr. Simon Erker will introduce you to this topic in our free webinar.

Key topics and takeaways:
• Understand the problem of thermal propagation from the technical side
• Learn about the state of the art for the analytics of this phenomenon
• Become familiar with current testing methodologies, efficient data analysis and current simulation methods
• Find out what design and material engineering measures are available
• Develop with us safe solutions for future energy storage systems

Recording available - 60 min
Presentation language
  • Battery Development
  • Thermal Management of Batteries
  • Thermal Propagation


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