Maximize Fuel Cell R&D effectiveness through use case specific testing solutions


In this webinar Tomas Dehne, Bernd Krause & Henry Joswa Rajan will discuss the need for use case specific testing and validation solutions for fuel cell R&D. Our experts will talk about fuel cell R&D activities and methodologies to increase the effectiveness of used testing environments. In detail they will elaborate on the use case of fuel consumption optimization and answer the question why this topic is of importance for fuel cell development and how to manage the complexity in a consistent, reproduceable and efficient way.Key topics and takeways:- Understand the basics of use case specific testing needs for fuel cell development- Get an overview of complex legal boundary conditions for fuel consumption optimization- Learn about AVL testing solutions with integrated virtual methodologies- Accelerate ramp up times with use of AVL E-Library for fuel cell validation and testing

Recording available - 30 mins
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Meet our experts who are the presenters of this webinar.

Tomas Dehne, Chief Engineer Fuel Cell Testing TechnologyBernd Krause, Application Engineer Fuel Cell Testing TechnologyHenry Joswa Rajan, Manager Advanced Services

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