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Automated design optimization for best Ammonia utilization avoiding wall film and depositsIn the last years, Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Systems became the leading technology for reducing NOx of the Diesel engines to meet international legislative restrictions, which are becoming even stricter. To reduce the NOx, UWS (also known as AdBlue or DEF) is injected before the SCR Catalyst.To achieve better performance of the reduction, high Ammonia uniformity in front of SCR is of great importance. As an unwanted effect of the UWS injection, Wall Film can be formed on the system walls and can lead to the Deposits formation. By evaluating different geometry designs of a SCR system, best performance design can be obtained, considering all main effects. With the help of simulation tools this can be done simpler and faster. In this 60-minute webinar, AVL's expert Teo Milosic discusses how to use fast, reliable simulation workflow to get the best performance SCR System design. All phases of the workflow will be covered, from automated optimization of a best geometry design considering different Mixer designs and objectives e.g. Flow / Ammonia Uniformity in front of SCR, up to full scale UWS dosing simulation with the evaluation on Deposit formation, using speed-up techniques to reduce R&D effort and resources to minimum.

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Teo Milosic

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