Methods and tools for the validation of ADAS systems in vehicles


The release of driver assistance systems (ADAS) is still taking place in the vehicle, on the test track, and on the road today. Due to the growing number of assistance systems with higher complexity, which are now spreading in almost all vehicle models, as well as new guidelines and test specifications, automobile manufacturers and suppliers have to perform enormous tasks. Efficient methods and tools in the development and release are therefore indispensable. Even though simulation is becoming more important and plays an important role especially in the validation of autonomous driving functions (AD), the real vehicle remains the basis for approval and the reference for future simulation methodologiesIn our on-demand seminar we show you how AVL closes the gap between scenario-based validation in the simulation and the release in the vehicle on the road. Using examples, we will show: How test cases are automatically processed for the vehicle developers How they guide/accompany the development engineer in the vehicle to quickly perform the right test correctly and to quickly return the results to the development department How our continuous toolchain can offer optimal support and which open interfaces facilitate the connection and integration of different tools into the development process Would you like to increase the efficiency of your ADAS/AD tests? Then watch our online seminar now and learn everything you need to know to realize this target.

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  • Thomas Weck,
  • Marijn Hollander
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