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NVH Optimization of E-axle Transmissions Considering Manufacturing Tolerances

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The typical sounds of an internal combustion engine are no longer present in electric drives and the background noise of the transmission comes to the fore. These noises have a direct impact on driving comfort and are often perceived as a sign of low quality. Even if the transmission is well designed, manufacturing tolerances can cause these phenomena in series production.

Marc Janousek, Analysis and Support Engineer, and Sascha Kullmann, Technical Sales Specialist, will therefore give you an insight into the subject, how AVL CAMEO™ and AVL EXCITE™ tools combine the strengths of statistical design of experiments and intelligent optimization with 3D multi-body simulation. The result is a low noise drive with high robustness to manufacturing tolerances. This not only ensures consistent NVH performance across the series, but also enables cost- and performance-oriented determination of reasonable manufacturing tolerance limits.

Key topics and takeaways:
Statistical design of experiments and AI-based parameter optimization with AVL CAMEO™
3D multi-body simulation with AVL EXCITE™
NVH behavior of gearboxes
Microgeometry optimization for robust behavior against manufacturing tolerances

Recording available - 60 min
Presentation language
  • NVH
  • Simulation

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Marc Janousek

Marc Janousek
Analysis and Support Engineer

AVL Deutschland GmbH

Sascha Kullmann

Sascha Kullmann
Technical Sales Specialist

AVL Deutschland GmbH

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