NVH Root Cause Analysis


NVH calculations provide information about resonant speeds and frequencies, but the cause of resonances themselves cannot be easily determined. In order to find root causes of faults or problems, Root Cause Analysis should be carried out. AVL offers 5 workflows: Modal Analysis, Modal Contribution Factor, Operational Deflection Shape, Numerical Transfer Path and Transfer Functions. Modal Analysis gives us information about eigenfrequencies and eigenmodes of the multibody system. With the help of the Modal Contribution Factor it can be figured out which of those contribute most to the resonant vibration. The Numerical Transfer Path shows us which load contributes the most to the resonant vibration. Operational Deflection Shape gives us the deformation shape for the resonant speed or frequency, while the Transfer Path provides information about transmissibility of the vibration through the structure. In this webinar, you will learn how to find root causes of the resonance in NVH calculation using 5 AVL Root Cause Analysis Workflows.

Recording available - 60 mins
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Denis Pevec

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