PEM Fuel Cell Performance and Lifetime Optimization Using Multi-Physics Simulation

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Optimize performance and lifetime of PEM fuel cells while minimizing costs.


Vehicles powered by PEM fuel cells provide a long driving range and short refueling time. Development engineers face the challenges to optimize the fuel conversion efficiency and lifetime while reducing material and manufacturing costs. To successfully meet these challenges, AVL FIRE™ offers a comprehensive multi-physics simulation approach.



Recording available - 60 mins
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  • Easy and fast setup of detailed PEM fuel cell component models
  • Comprehensive modeling of flow, thermal and electrochemical processes
  • Simulation results comprising spatially resolved and global mean quantities characterizing cell performance and degradation
  • Analysis of the impact of flow field design, material and manufacturing parameters on local cell performance and degradation of the membrane and catalyst layer

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Meet our experts who are the presenters of this webinar.

Dr. Clemens Fink, Dr. Reinhard Tatschl | Guest Speaker: Sönke Gößling, ZBT

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