Predictive Engine Thermal Load Analysis

Optimize your Component Design

Powertrain component design is permanently driven by various factors including costs, size, weight, performance, reliability and durability, which are often in conflict to each other. Hence the actual loads are continuously moving closer to material limits potentially leading to fatigue issues and component failure. This is also true for thermally loaded parts. Looking at combustion engines in modern powertrains, the intention to increase their efficiency results in so-called “right-sizing”. While the engine's efficiency and power output are expected to increase, size and weight are expected to decrease. To avoid damaging thermal loads, more effort therefore has to be spent on regulating the engine's operating temperatures. This webinar is part of a webinar series and follows the Webinar “Predictive Thermal Load Analysis”. The focus lies on simulating/predicting the thermal load of an IC Engine, a Head/Block Compound during warm up, sudden stop or critical boundary conditions. In the course of the webinar we will show how 1D system and 3D component models are used to analyze real-world scenarios and discover optimization potential for the component design.

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