Remote Test Trip Execution for Electric Vehicles - the World at Your Fingertips

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Did you cancel a test trip last year? With global travel restrictions making the test process more difficult and expensive than ever, AVL offers a way forward.In-vehicle testing, with its need for multiple drivers, international climatic testing schedules and exhaustive test requirements, is difficult, expensive and extremely time-consuming. And now, with calibration engineers hardly able to travel due to global COVID-19 restrictions, you need a mobile solution that allows you to conduct these tests without the complex manual testing procedures of the past.This is where AVL can help by providing a toolchain as well as service and support. In this free, 60-minute webinar, AVL’s Marijn Hollander and Jaime Rodriguez explain how to successfully use the Remote Test Trip solution of AVL to fulfill your electric vehicle testing needs directly from the office. Furthermore, you will get insights into how AVL can help by taking over defined validation and development activities on your vehicles via a local network of testing locations across Spain and including the Sierra Nevada.Key topics and takeaways:


• How AVL experts can support your EV testing activities from local networks to minimize your travel efforts and expenses

• How to efficiently plan and execute calibration testing and validation in the vehicle

• How to avoid significant amounts of correction loops between the calibration engineer and the driver, whatever their geographic location

• Live demo: mastering the setting up, execution and reporting of vehicle tests without needing a co-driverPart of the Development Ecosystem Webinar Series

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Marijn Hollander, Jaime Rodriguez

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