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Roadmap to Success: Regulatory Testing on Proving Grounds

how to reduce road and proving ground tests and efforts

The ADAS promise - to make our streets safer - pushes regulators around the world to adopt ADAS features into the legislation and make them compulsory. As a result, the effort and complexity of ADAS feature validation is increasing tremendously. With the European Union being a leader in that field (GSR), regulations for vehicles in Europe are becoming ubiquitous. Another driver is the global adoption and localization of standards like NCAP in China and other regions. All this makes the case of increased testing effort and complexity very easily visible.

How to counteract the increase of tests and effort on the road and proving ground?

In this webinar, we will take you on a demo tour with the AVL Smart ADAS Analyzer™(ASAA), our solution for efficient proving ground testing. We will show you how to optimize your workflow to increase testing efficiency. In detail: 

  • Recap the standard workflow on the proving ground
  • Typical root causes and reasons for the inefficiency
  • ASAA as a solution to improve step-by-step the proving ground workflow


Recording available - 60 min
Presentation language
  • Discover how to execute and validate high-rated results in a concise cycle with ASAA
  • Gain insights into how to run our solution on standard testing equipment instantly
  • Find out how to use the analytic functions for problem examination
  • Learn how to monitor your test campaign and generate sophisticated reports

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todays speaker heiko scharke

Heiko Scharke
Global Product Manager
ADAS/AD Testing Products & Solutions

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Takayuki Miyata
Solution Manager
Real-World Testing Solutions

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