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Safety Assessment and Risk Quantification

In ADAS/AD Development
Safety Assessment and Risk Quantification in Autonomous Vehicle Development

Vehicle development, release, and homologation require extensive testing across various test environments. Challenges, such as cyber-physical systems, complex environments, and critical traffic situations, make it even more difficult to ensure the constant safety of automated vehicles. Consequently, it becomes essential for OEMs to demonstrate that a vehicle equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) or Autonomous Driving (AD) functions meets safety and regulation standards and that any remaining risks are within acceptable limits.

In this webinar, Heiko Scharke/Senior Global Product Manager at AVL, and Sytze Kalisvaart/Senior Product Manager at our partner TNO, show you an approach for SOTIF-compliant test planning by considering ODD (operational design domain) parameters. Moreover, you will be introduced to a sophisticated method for efficiently assessing safety and residual risk based on real-world statistics and validation results.



Recording available - 60 min
Presentation language
  • Safety Argumentation
  • Scenario-Based Validation
  • ADAS/AD Homologation
  • Regulatory-conform Test Planning
  • Risk Quantification

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