The Safety of developing and trialling Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles compared with Battery Electric Vehicles

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Many innovators are developing fuel cell technologies to support electric fuelling of a range of vehicles. They are facing a plethora of issues given the comparative complexity of such systems. Systems must be developed and fuelled safely and then tested and trialled to confirm their performance, reliability, and safety. The developers may be familiar with the issues around functional safety, but the problems associated with ensuring operational and occupational safety will be less well known.AVL’s experts have experience of ensuring the safety of developers, operators, on site testers, drivers, passengers and the general public from the inception and development of powertrains of all varieties, as well as for series development. We have processes and examples for dealing with emergent fuelling solutions and technologies, from simulation to public road trials.In this webinar we will show, through a worked example, how AVL can guide innovators through the development and trialling of systems using emergent fuel sources on the road with the absolute minimum of risk to all involved. The trials and all preceding testing will consequently provide meaningful test results with the added benefit of raising public awareness of both the innovative technology and its safety.Participants will gain the benefit of AVL’s experience in ensuring compliant methodologies and applying best practice to guarantee safe and meaningful results.

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Meet our experts who are the presenters of this webinar.

Sharon Tiplady, Health and Safety AdvisorPaul Tiplady, Technical Specialist – Software and Tools Moderator: Florin Aftanasa, Controls Department Leader

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