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Simulation of Electromagnetic Excitations for NVH Analysis

Webinar NVH Analysis

Due to the elimination of the noise-masking combustion engine, the acoustic phenomena of the transmission come to the fore in electrified vehicle concepts. Not only gears and bearings have a major influence on sound radiation, but also the electric motor. Electromagnetic excitations are conducted into the housing via the stator teeth and radiated at the surface in the form of sound. In a multi-body simulation, these excitations are usually introduced into the simulation as load boundary conditions by means of a pre-calculated characteristic diagram, since a co-simulation would considerably increase the computing time.

In our free webinar, Marc Janousek, Simulation and Support Engineer, presents a workflow for calculating the map of stator tooth forces and torque fluctuations on the rotor.

Based on the requirements of an electric motor or the finished geometry, an electromagnetics simulation is set up in a fully automated way and the input data for AVL EXCITE™ M is created from its results. The webinar will address how to proceed and what input data is available for the differently detailed e-motor joints in EXCITE M.

Key topics and takeaways:
Presentation of the automated workflow for creating an electromagnetic simulation of e-motors in AVL COMPOSE™
Generation of input data for 3D multibody simulation in AVL EXCITE™ M with different levels of detail (e.g. with and without eccentricity)
Analysis of electromagnetic excitations in AVL IMPRESS™ M

Recording available - 60 min
Part of the webinar series
Presentation language
  • Electrification
  • NVH
  • Simulation
  • Virtual Driveline Development - Transmission and E-drive

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Marc Janousek

Marc Janousek
Simulation and Support Engineer
AVL Deutschland GmbH

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