Slider Bearings – Design, Optimization and Failure Analysis

Cranktrain Bearings Friction 1

Efficiently and accurately calculating, analyzing and optimizing the behavior of slider bearingsSlider Bearings – Design, Optimization and Failure Analysis. Ongoing trends in combustion engine development like downsizing and downspeeding combined with increased power and torque, use of start-stop systems and hybridization lead to higher mechanical and thermal loads of all slider bearings in the engines. Together with the continuing demand for increasing fuel efficiency this has created the urgency to reduce frictional losses in the bearings to a minimum. In this webinar you will learn more about the capabilities of the AVL EXCITE™ elasto-hydrodynamic slider bearing model, suitable for a wide range of applications from highly loaded cranktrain bearings in the IC engine, high speed turbocharger bearings to slider bearings in transmissions. 

Recording available - 60 mins
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  • Investigation of bearing failure
  • Basics of the elasto-hydrodynamic model incl. oil models
  • Consideration of shell/journal surface roughnesses
  • Oil supply via oil line connections between bearings
  • Thermal analysis - heat flow in the bearing
  • Assessment of analysis results
  • Automated wear analysis workflow

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