Taking Electrified Transmission and E-Motor Dynamics Simulation to New Levels


Electrified powertrains are flexible in construction, highly complex and often lightweight, yet they operate at incredibly high torque loads. If OEMs and their suppliers are to fulfill these criteria, they have to fully understand the dynamic behaviour and NVH response of electric axles and transmissions. Therefore accurate simulation is essential - AVL EXCITE™ for eAxle now offers unprecedented ease of use for transmission modeling that includes the capability to generate electromagnetic excitation. In this free, 60-minute webinar, our experts Sasa Bukovnik, Michael Schrottner and Andrzej Zinkiewicz discuss the AVL EXCITE™ multibody dynamics software solution, which delivers high fidelity results based on physical models.

Recording available - 60 mins
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  • Calculate the dynamics, durability, vibration and acoustics of electrified powertrains
  • Utilise various modelling levels to enable the consideration of torsional and radial electro-mechanical coupling and the excitation of e-motors
  • Lean and efficient NVH simulation solutions for electric powertrains
  • Mechanics and electromagnetics considered in one model due to a consistent workflow
  • Online demo showing the workflow

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Sasa Bukovnik

Michael Schrottner

Andrzej Zinkiewicz

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