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Many stakeholders are working to ensure that autonomous vehicle leads us to new ways of transportation and sustainable and safe mobility. Thanks to the advantages it offers in terms of productivity, it is creating new business models both in the transportation of people and goods.

The autonomous vehicle can benefit from the technological progress as well as the creation of controlled environments, which minimize the number of variables to be considered and involve fewer challenges for the available technology.

The Automotive Industry is invited to this international Tech Talk to discuss Cybersecurity and Functional Safety in Autonomous and Connected Vehicles organized by MOBINOV, the Portuguese automotive cluster, in collaboration with AVL and the participation of industry partners.

The aim of this event is to showcase state of the art of autonomous and connected technology and vehicles as well as go a step deeper into the latest Cybersecurity and Functional Safety innovations and key factors that will determine the timeline at which the autonomous vehicle will reach our streets, roads and highways.

This online Tech Talk is composed by:

  • Welcome
    Isabel Oliveira, Project Manager, MOBINOV
  • Keynote presentation: Autonomous and Connected vehicle: Overview and Current Challenges
    Dr Roberto Varella, Advanced Simulation Technologies Business Development, AVL Ibérica SA
  • Cybersecurity: Challenges and Possible Solution Paths to Become Compliant of the New UNECE Regulation
    Harald Petschnik, Business Innovation Manager, AVL List GmbH
    Tiago Rodrigues, Software Architect, Capgemini Engineering
  • Functional Safety: Functional Safety & Automated Driving: Real World Implementation Challenges
    Álvaro Coupeau, Senior Functional Safety Engineer, AVL Ibérica SA
    André Maia, Functional Safety Engineer, Continental Engineering Services
  • Roundtable Group Session: Insights on Day-to-day Impact on Developing Autonomous and Connected Vehicles
    Moderator: Jaime Rodríguez, Powertrain Engineering Director, AVL Ibérica SA

Watch now this webinar and learn more about the current and future trends of the autonomous and connected vehicle landscape.

Recording available - 120 min
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