Testing Power Electronics in an Emulated Environment


In every electric power train, the drive inverter is a key component. When testing inverters, the main challenge is to increase test quality and test depth without increasing test effort, while at the same time the scope of the inverter functionality is increasing, and development times are becoming shorter. A new method, based on a Power-Hardware-in-the-Loop topology, supports a systematic test approach. Test cases and virtual components form a library to serve different test cases on component level, system level and vehicle level.In the presentation the author explains this concept applied to an electric drive inverter test environment, where a “digital copy” of an e-motor supports numerous inverter test scenarios along the inverter R&D phase.Key topics and takeaways:Power Electronics – A key component in e-drivesInverter test coverage comparison (R&D)Benefits of Power-HiL based inverter testingInverter test system layout with e-motor emulator

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