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Transient Dynamic Simulation of E-Drive and Hybrid Powertrain

Hybrid Transient Conditions

E-drives and hybrid powertrains often operate in transient conditions with changing loads and speeds, and it is essential to consider the dynamic effects of these conditions when evaluating their durability and NVH.

In this webinar our experts Saša Bukovnik and Christoph Schweiger explain how to use a multi-body dynamics software solution to simulate any powertrain type in transient operating conditions, including the controllers for the e-motor, transmission, or IC engine, which can significantly influence the powertrain’s dynamic behaviour.

Recording available - 60 min
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  • Understand why it is essential to predict powertrain dynamics in transient conditions
  • Discover simulation capabilities for powertrain simulation in transient operating conditions
  • Gain insight into co-simulation of a powertrain dynamic model with a vehicle system simulation model that includes 1D thermodynamics needed for the hybrid powertrain

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Bukovnik Sasa

Sasa Bukovnik
Solution Manager – Virtual Powertrain Development
Advanced Simulation Technologies

Christoph Schweiger

Christoph Schweiger
Team Leader – Structural Dynamics
Advanced Simulation Technologies

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