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Unique Test Solution for E-Mobility: HV System TS™ E-Integration

rendering of hv e-integration testbed

The development of battery electric vehicles (BEV) requires significant adjustments to the development process and its environment. When testing the high-voltage hardware as well as the associated software, a BEV poses new requirements and offers the opportunity to question and adapt previous test environments. One challenge of a BEV is to ensure the integration of all the vehicle's ECUs and to do so under the condition of using test benches efficiently.

The new AVL HV System TS™ E-Integration therefore does not require wheel test benches and instead adds more simulation and residual bus capabilities. The early integration test capability allows early testing of features and detection of faults without the real full prototype being available.

In this 60-minute free webinar, Helmut Richter and Dominikus Weleba will show you the points you should pay special attention to when testing, checking and developing electric drive systems.

What to expect:

- Why do functional tests play such a crucial role in BEV development?
- What challenges does BEV charging present and how do we address them?
- Early validation of safety-relevant issues in a safe environment.

Recording available - 60 min
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