Virtual Creation of a Driving Strategy Concept


Today in vehicle development we have to achieve high-quality calibration results faster than ever before. The virtual conception and layout of the driving strategy opens up the possibility for a more efficient workflow already in early development stages. This enables a shift of development activities to the office while improving the product quality.

Recording available - 38 mins
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  • To gain a holistic view on the vehicle behavior we have to talk about Driving Strategy, the combined effort of the operating strategy, the pedal map and the shifting strategy together
  • Discover how the creation of driving strategy concepts at early stages of the development process can be utilized to increase development efficiency and product quality
  • Get insight how we move effort from the vehicle to the office through simulation to save time and reduce costs
  • Learn how higher quality can be achieved by using objective criteria to rate the behavior of the simulated models
  • Understand how using smart solutions helps to analyze the impact of design decisions regarding driving strategy

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Hannes Fuchs

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