Virtual Development of Efficiency and Comfort for Commercial Off-Highway Vehicles


The enforcement of stricter emission legislations has characterized the commercial vehicle industry for decades. Even when legislation varies on limits and testing methods, one thing remains in common: the holistic view of the vehicle. Realistic vehicle simulations thus represent a key technology to develop new concepts for commercial off-highway vehicles. AVL’s methodology to efficiently test new systems and functions in virtual environments ensures state-of-the art comfort and driveability from the outset. Physical effects like the interaction between wheels and tractor implements with the soil are however in many cases non-linear and therefore, difficult to consider. For a successful whole system optimization, AVL has developed the VSM™ simulation model for agricultural machinery in soft soil conditions. The new fully automated simulation methods can also be combined with powertrain test beds in order to drastically reduce the calibration effort for engine, transmission and vehicle control units. In this webinar, Joerg Schlager, Lead Engineer Simulation Software, will present AVL’s tools and methodology for the simulation of commercial off-highway vehicles.

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Joerg Schlager

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