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What Does a Future-Proof Open Development Ecosystem Look Like?

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The current situation of the automotive industry is undergoing a fundamental change. The classical vehicle development process faces many challenges:

  • increasing technical complexity (parallel development of many propulsion systems and new topics like autonomous driving)
  • shorter development times
  • reduction of vehicle prototypes
  • software is becoming a main driver for vehicle functions and new entrances into the automotive domain are going completely new ways, mostly coming out of software development with a strong IT backbone.

This leads to the following questions: What are the boundary conditions of the process today? How does a future proof-open development ecosystem look like?

  1. First, we will look at actual development processes, their main challenges, and how a 3-step approach can augment the classical process into a development ecosystem that enables agile development: The first step describes how a connected development process can leverage disconnected silos into a seamless collaborative development framework. Therefore, a general model will be introduced.
  2. The second step describes the augmentation into a functional digital twin concept over the whole process which mirrors the functional description of a virtual prototype from a multidisciplinary view.
  3. The third step augments the process with the linkage of the vehicle in-use phase as a new development environment into the overall process.

In this 60-minute webinar Dr. Wolfgang Puntigam, Global Business Unit Manager Integrated and Open Development Platform, will discuss new approaches within the vehicle development process and its evolution into an open development ecosystem.

Part of the Development Ecosystem Webinar Series

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