Reimagining Motion

Reimagining Motion

For a greener, safer, better world of mobility.

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Testing Efficiency
Efficient Validation Through the Use of Highly Automated Testbed Systems

Optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the effectiveness of automotive testing processes, leading to faster time to market and high-quality EVs.

Dynamic Steering Force Emulator: Paving the Way for ADAS/AD Validation

On June 23, 2023, AVL announced that the first AVL DRIVINGCUBE™ in the United States is now operational at the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR). This article showcases and provides a closer look into a key component that enables the unique capabilities and benefits of the AVL DRIVINGCUBE™.

AVL SESAM i60 FT SII multi-component exhaust gas analyzer
... 998, 999, 1000!!!

We are proud to announce the delivery of the 1000th AVL SESAM i60 FT SII multi-component exhaust gas analyzer to our business partner Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG. 

Innovative Approach to ADAS/AD Vehicle Validation

Explore what exactly the AVL DRIVINGCUBE is, how this system is set up, and how thought-leaders, like Clemson, are using the solution to advance ADAS/AD research and development for on-road and off-road vehicle autonomy. 

Energy Ecosystem
7 Trends in Automotive Sustainability

Seven trends that highlight the automotive industry's efforts to achieve sustainability goals by addressing emissions across the entire value chain and adopting greener energy sources and production practices.

Keyvisual of the AVL DRIVINGCUBE for Vehicle-in-the-Loop/VIL ADAS AD Testing
AVL and Clemson University Unveil Newly Constructed ADAS/AD Test Cell To Deliver ADAS Feature Insights

AVL is pleased to announce the first AVL DRIVINGCUBE™ in the United States is now operational at the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR).

EcoVision Award
AVL received the Global EcoVision Award for achievements in Hungary

AVL List GmbH received the Global EcoVision Award from WKÖ in the presence of Federal Chancellor Karl Nehammer, Federal Minister Martin Kocher, and WKÖ President Harald Mahrer for the achievements in Hungary.

Energy Consulting
Mobility of Tomorrow: Are Affordability and CO₂ Reduction in Conflict?

As a global society, we are pushing hard to achieve a transformation to net-zero-CO₂ but without loosing energy security and our current living standards. The transformation in the mobility will come at cost, which endangers affordable individual mobility in the future. Doing nothing, however, will generate even higher costs.

EcoVision Award
AVL received the Global EcoVision Award for achievements in Hungary

AVL List GmbH received the Global EcoVision Award from WKÖ in the presence of Federal Chancellor Karl Nehammer, Federal Minister Martin Kocher, and WKÖ President Harald Mahrer for the achievements in Hungary.

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Helmut O. List

We are driven by a passion to examine the science, mechanics and philosophy of movement. To help create a world that is climate-neutral and one that makes safe, comfortable, green mobility a reality for everyone.

– Helmut O. List, Chairman and CEO,  AVL List GmbH

In everything we do, we are relentlessly striving towards climate-neutral mobility. 
Our values are the guiding force behind our daily work. They have shaped our corporate culture since the very beginning and are incorporated in all our business activities.

Pioneering Spirit

Turning visions of the future into reality with courage and expertise. We have cultivated the ability to recognize important breakthrough targets early on and reach them ahead of the market. Because only the courageous look beyond the horizon and make discoveries that lead to outstanding innovations.

Customer Orientation

Our success can only be measured by that of our customers. True understanding of a customer and their needs, combined with experience and a global view, allows us to create innovative solutions. Expertly conceived, uniquely tailored and efficiently carried out – a shared success.

AVL Brain
Problem-Solving Competence

It’s a demanding world. Focused research, cutting-edge technological developments and clear product orientation are fundamental requirements for global competitiveness. With multi-disciplinary teams, we offer expertise, creativity, innovative thinking and effective project management to support professional solutions.


Modern mobility represents progress only when its goal, its form and its requirements respect nature. Our work at AVL reflects a deep understanding of the responsibility we share for our society, for mankind and for the world’s achievements. We want to ensure that our world is one we can live in – now and in the future.


AVL is a company with personality. Embodied in Helmut List and reflected in our work. A personality rooted in a life-long pursuit of knowledge, characterized by a deep sense of responsibility and expressed in the company’s independent status.


Employees Worldwide


Granted Patents in Force


Years of Experience


Global Tech and Engineering Centers

We are a leader in the development of innovative mobility systems, including hydrogen engines, hybrid powertrains, battery electric vehicles, and fuel cells. With expertise in driving functions, subsystems, and components, we are also perfectly set to support you in integrating these systems into vehicles for production. Furthermore, we focus on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and fully automated driving, offer technology consulting and stationary energy application development.

E-Mobility Engineering
We are Driving Sustainable E-Mobility
Automated and Connected Mobility Engineering
Optimally developed. Proven expertise. Set for the future.
Next Generation Vehicle Engineering
Engineering a Better Future


E-Mobility Engineering

Our global presence enables us to identify the rapidly changing requirements of the markets early on and in detail. Drawing on this knowledge, we support you in analyzing specific requirements and work with you to develop the perfect solution for your e-mobility targets. We utilize our in-depth knowledge of propulsion systems and components to develop the system you require and integrate it optimally into the vehicle. From hybrid to battery electric and fuel cell electric vehicles.

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Automated and Connected Mobility Engineering

Since more functions and interactions influence today’s mobility, safety and comfort of the drivers become increasingly important aspects. To ensure that your vehicle meets the highest standards, legal requirements and end customer expectations in these areas, we support you in developing Advanced Driver Assistance functions with maximum reliability – and autonomous driving functions to the same standard. Our experience helps us derive the requirements for the ADAS/AD architecture of the future, and our experts keep up-to-date with international research and market-specific legislation.

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Next Generation Vehicle Engineering

Whether passenger cars or commercial vehicles – we factor in existing and new technologies as we bring your individual requirements in line with end user expectations. Our focus is on virtual and functional vehicle development, as well as integration of the vehicle systems into the vehicle.

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Hybrid Propulsion Engineering

We develop and optimize your entire hybrid system: Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the internal combustion engine, e-motor, hybrid drive, and power electronics to we can balance low consumption and compliant emissions with optimal driveability. Specific software and functions, including calibration, guarantee you the optimum operating strategy. Systems engineering and model-based simulation enable us to reduce your prototype and testing efforts in SOP vehicle derivative projects by up to 30%.

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Energy Systems Engineering

The energy systems of the future are in good hands with us. As for the production of energy carriers, we develop innovative, efficient technologies for the sustainable creation of hydrogen. And when it comes to stationary use of hydrogen, we support you with the development of sustainable systems for producing energy, for example, with our high-temperature fuel cell. We also advise you on energy management of the overall system. For example, on how to calculate the carbon footprint of vehicle fleets and forecast and estimate the energy requirements of buildings and factories.

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The rising demand for e-drive solutions requires a high level of development capacity and expertise. We support you in your transformation process with holistic advice, as well as innovative development and testing solutions – from individual components, to software, to integrated systems. To get your propulsion system market ready.

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Our proven systems and model-based systems engineering approaches are the basic methodologies to structure features at vehicle, system, and component level. We specify hardware and software to be transparent, traceable, safe, and efficient in development.  And we support the introduction of new features and the adaptation of existing ones in an optimal way.

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Image_Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Test Center

AVL is greatly expanding its global test infrastructure for fuel cell and hydrogen technology. The new center at the company’s headquarters in Graz has a maximum capacity of 20 high-performance testbeds, making it one of the largest and most advanced test sites for fuel cells and electrolysis systems in the world. With this investment, AVL strengthens its role as a pioneer for the extensive development of fuel cells as well as innovative technologies for hydrogen production.

The opening of the Battery Innovation Center marks the addition of an important future platform to AVL’s portfolio. The 1,600-m² facility is incorporated in the company’s headquarters in Graz and supports all AVL’s expertise in innovative battery concepts around the world. In launching the new center, the engineering service provider is applying the principle and expanding the scope of simultaneous engineering.

 Battery Innovation Center

These days, vehicles are very much software-defined products. Their development and validation is highly complex. This requires a level of efficiency that cannot be achieved with hardware-oriented development – but can be with simulation solutions.

Simulation Solutions
Your Development Advantage: The Virtual Twin
The Virtual Twin covers the complete product, the mechanics, the electrics, its software, and the physical behavior.
Services for Simulation Solutions
Customized support from engineers for engineers.


E-Mobility Simulation

Speed up your development by implementing simple and repeatable processes: from initial concept through system design to component construction and testing with the help of dedicated simulation tools.

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Automated and Connected Mobility Simulation

For ADAS/AD to be considered safe, an immense amount of testing is required. Therefore, the paradigm shifts towards virtual testing and validation using simulation techniques is the logical consequence. We offer dedicated simulation tools to support you. 

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Vehicle Simulation

Current trends such as electrification, digitalization, connectivity and driver assistance mean that a holistic, multiphysical approach is necessary. Such an approach can only be achieved through virtual analysis, optimization, and validation. We are your partner.

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Software Offering

Currently, it can be observed that virtual development is becoming the standard in the development process. This is exactly what we have developed our Simulation Suites for. Each suite is a comprehensive simulation solution that you can use throughout the entire development process - from initial concept creation to the vehicle.

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ICE Simulation

Being around for decades, we all are very familiar with the combustion engine. With hybridization, it is now taking on a new role. As a software and development service provider, we offer you expert support through all development steps - not only for the automotive industry, but also for maritime and stationary applications.

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Simulation as a Service

New technologies such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things form the basis for our "Simulation as a Service" offering. It includes various web applications and cloud-based services and can be seamlessly integrated into existing platforms and workflows.

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Release 2023 R1

Beside complexity and development speed, sustainability is a current, much-discussed topic in the industry. It covers a wide range of different aspects such as availability of materials and resources, production costs, robustness and lifetime in order to avoid warranty costs. This is not surprising considering that the new technologies are becoming mainstream and represent a larger part of OEMs' portfolios.

Innovation is our passion. We offer leading measurement and testing technologies for the entire propulsion development process. Our scalable and high-quality solutions meet highest demands and connect different development environments – from the virtual to the real world.

Testing Solutions
Customer Services for Testing Solutions
Experience the added value with our broad range of customer services
All Testing Products and Software
Discover our comprehensive portfolio of testing equipment and software solutions


E-Mobility Testing

We are your partner with both specific application know-how and a holistic perspective on the system to help you overcome your challenges in e-mobility testing. For every form of electrified propulsion, we offer in-depth expertise and comprehensive solutions for development support, testing, and validation.

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Fuel Cell Testing

Our modular test solutions help you accelerate the fuel cell development process and enable a seamless transition from virtual design and simulation to the physical testing of actual components. At AVL, we specialize in the development and testing of fuel cells - from single cells to complete systems.

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Automated and Connected Mobility Testing

Our toolchain for the calibration, verification, and validation of Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and Autonomous Driving (AD) features ensure robustness, reliability, performance quality, safety, and user acceptance.

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ICE/Hybrid Propulsion Testing

We are highly committed to helping you develop zero-impact emission mobility solutions with a tailored offering and support you in the management of even the most complex testing tasks.

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Our expertise in propulsion system development and test operations ensures that we understand the challenges you face. We are your partner for making your test facilities future-proof. Our cutting-edge test environment enables interaction between virtual development and the testbed, and helps you to manage constantly increasing complexity, from the component level right through to the complete vehicle.

We provide solutions that are available worldwide and strongly supported locally. This is achieved by means of a tested set of tools that can reliably generate and handle comparable test data on a global level, through methodologies designed to speed up the development of local variants, and by experts that share one goal: your success.

AVL Testing Products and Software

We offer you a broad range of standalone testing products and software for every need. Our comprehensive portfolio of testing devices comprises emission analysis and measurement solutions, battery test and emulation products, advanced measurement technologies, and electric dynamometers and drives. In addition, we can offer you a great variety of software from test system automation to connected development solutions.

Meet us and exchange with our experts, engineers and scientist on our latest mobility technologies and trends.

AVL TechDay on Virtual Transmission Development
AVL Techday on Virtual Transmission Development
key visual
AVL Open House: E-Mobility, UK
AVL TechDay Battery
AVL TechDay Battery
PUMA User Seminar
AVL PUMA User Seminar
Symposium on Development Methodology
10th International Symposium on Development Methodology
Battery Electric Vehicle
EV & ESS High Voltage Battery Development Seminar
AVL’s 10th High Power Systems TechDays
13th Int. AVL Emissions and Energy Forum

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