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Durability & Reliability

Life time expectations for modern vehicles are key criteria for warranty costs of any vehicle or machinery producer. Each auxiliary component on the engine, the engine itself and any other component of the powertrain (e.g.: battery, transmission, …) needs to be verified for durability and reliability to reach the calculated lifetime targets.
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Supporting the task of durability development and fatigue strength assurance is a vital step during the process of creating a new engine and engine...
The AVL ROADSIM 48" MIM Chassis Dynamometer is designed for testing passenger cars in applications like emission analysis, mileage accumulation or...

Master the leak


Blow By Measurement System

The device measures the leak gas which occurs between the gaps from pistons, piston rings and valve guides. It is the high-end solution with a...

La automatización simplificada

AVL PUMA Open 2™

Plataforma de automatización para bancos de pruebas

AVL PUMA Open 2™ es el estándar de la industria para la automatización de bancos de ensayo. Se adapta a todo tipo de bancos de pruebas, así como a...