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PLUtronize beyond limits

AVL PLUtron™

Fuel flow meter for close-to-engine application, component, engine and vehicle testing

Interconnection and compatibility throughout all stages of automotive engineering are today’s major challenges in the management of growing complexity. As such, integrated measurement technology must cover the complete application chain between close-to-engine, component testing, engine testbed applications and in-vehicle testing. And it must do this both at the chassis dyno and on the road.

With AVL PLUtron™ we have developed a universal flow measurement system that covers a wide range of applications that require dynamic flow measurement. PLUtron covers everything from component testing to engine testbed applications as well as vehicle testing on the chassis dyno and on the road. Its increased dynamic capabilities support fuel consumption measurement even under pulsating flow conditions and opens a new dimension of dynamic fuel consumption measurement. It boasts a measurement range of up to 300 l/h at up to 20 bar pressure and an extended temperature range.

Dynamic Fuel Measurement

PLUtron CLASSIC features a wide media compatibility with fuels, test fluids, water and even urea solution. Flexible interfaces, such as CAN Bus, and an optional handheld display facilitate flow meter adaptation for different tasks in every testing environment.

PLUtron ADVANCED additionally introduces a higher level of accurate dynamic fuel measurement in various applications like close-to-engine applications on engine testbeds. It enables a fast and accurate fuel consumption measurement with the highest resolution and an outstanding measuring span of 1:1000. Robustness against vibration and shock, compared with the extended temperature range and IP67 protection class, enables dynamic fuel consumption measurement even in harsh close-to-engine environment. Smart sensor control and advanced self-diagnostics ensure a simple startup and reliable operation.

PLUtron highlights include:

  • Highest measurement uncertainty of ≤ 0.1 % of reading at data rates up to 100 Hz
  • Direct mass flow output measurement with incorporated density meter
  • Unique plug-and-play usability for workflow optimization
  • Higher flexibility thanks to large measuring ranges with high resolution and extended temperature ranges
  • Up to 5 % reduction in project execution time and up to 15 % shorter test time in component production with an affordable cost of ownership

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