Web-based remote access to the test field

AVL TESTGATE 1™ Remote Monitoring

This web-based monitoring tool gives an overview of the entire test facility for AVL and 3rd party testbed automation systems.

AVL Approach

Obtain an overview of the status of the entire test facility – easily via internet and web browser from the office, or from any other location with internet access. You can retrieve the current status of all testbeds, loaded parameters and online measurement values at any time.

Within the test facility, AVL TESTGATE 1™ supports different user groups also of different test fields in monitoring, managing and diagnosing testbeds:

The testbed operator can retrieve data from AVL PUMA testbeds (PUMA 5.6x or PUMA Open), including AVL SANTORIN™ Host systems, in order to obtain a detailed status overview of the corresponding testbeds.

Testbed administrators obtain an overview of the entire test facility and efficiently determine the status of the overall test facility. Thus they can quickly diagnose malfunctions by navigating to a certain testbed from the overview and retrieving details.

The responsible development engineer can use AVL TESTGATE 1™ to observe the status of his testbed. He can also support testbed operators from his office or his home office by means of an internet connection.

In addition, AVL TESTGATE 1™ makes use of the existing AVL SANTORIN security mechanisms of the test facility thus avoiding additional user management.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Fast and safe remote access to testbeds from any Internet connection
  • Clear, graphical status representation of all testbeds within the test facility
  • Reduced response times for support activities
  • Improved and simple access to test run and administrative information
  • Simple company-wide roll-out without software installation on the user's PC

Technical Data

Data storage: Configuration data is stored in Oracle database
System requirements:  
Server: MS Windows Server Operating System
Client: Standard office PC with MS Internet Explorer
Prerequisites: AVL SANTORIN Host System
Test field navigation: Tree structure for visualizing test field structure, graphical representation of the test field structure
AVL PUMA specific data: Online data of any system channel of each testbed
Online testbed states (PUMA state such as Monitor, …)
Loaded parameters and online testbed messages
Administration data: Information about PC and Oracle database
Access to ODS measurement data
Log file access
ODS browser: ODS browser for navigating in the result data

ASAM ODS-based security integrated into the overall security administration of the test field