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AVL provides fully integrated systems built on the basis of AVL‘s overall expertise in all key components. Well-known manufacturers trust in AVL's individual, independent and highly innovative transmission solutions. Efficient testing and simulation tools, combined with extensive engineering experience and skills drive our advanced solutions.
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AVL Approach

The AVL team has successfully completed a substantial number of transmission projects.  The experience gained through these projects and the knowledge of the AVL R&D projects result in safety for the customer and are also the basis for permanent innovation.

As an independent company, we are competent, quick and flexible project partners.

  • Concept evaluation with the latest simulation tools
  • Design oriented towards the whole powertrain
  • Simulation environment in time and parallel to the first prototype
  • Most important transmission technologies: synchronized gear box, powershift transmission
  • Automatized transmission (w/ and w/o synchronization), automatic transmission, double clutch transmission, CVT (continuous variable transmission)
  • Use of AVL-specific transmission development tools
  • Functional development, testing, debugging and calibration on HIL, SIL and further on prototype
  • Calibration of clutch control, shift strategy and shift scheduling, diagnostic systems and driver interface
  • Hybridization
  • Vehicle testing (CET, HET, Altitude testing, NVH, endurance and durability, city cycles)
  • Support for production industrialization

Benefits at a Glance

  • One-stop-shop partner safes time to market
  • Local support from concept over the prototype phases to SOP in a global engineering network
  • Interface reduction throughout transmission development based on AVL's total system capability in all key components
  • Most innovative and independent solutions applicable for different markets
  • High testing and validation experience
  • Latest simulation tools and highly flexible testing environment


  • Transmission family for passenger car : MT, AMT and DCT
  • 6-speed dual clutch transmission
  • DCT for motorcycle application
  • AMT for motorcycle with diesel engine
  • Function development and adaptation application for a 7 speed AT
  • Synchronized transmissions for commercial vehicles and tractors
  • Concept DCT for tractor
  • Powershift transmission for tractor
  • CVT (hydrostatic-mechanic) for tractors
  • AT Review
  • Conversion of MT to AMT
  • DCT design
  • Conversion of a 5 speed MT to a 5 speed AMT
  • 6-speed AT, 7-speed DCT, 6-speed clutch adaptation for DCT transmission

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