Energy Management Simulation

One of the primary motivations for developing AVL CRUISE M was to offer a comprehensive simulation environment that perfectly meets all the development requirements in the increasing complexity of Vehicle Energy Management Systems (VEMS) and to provide seamless development and optimization capabilities in that field.

L'approche AVL

AVL CRUISE M as a multi-disciplinary system modeling and simulation solution is a perfect solution for engineers who every day face development challenges related to energy management system optimization and connected control function development. It is a fully coupled system level simulation solution with a scalable model depth from map based to physical level covering multi-domain requirements in VEMS application field. CRUISE M allows for the modeling of any kind of transmission and drivetrain configuration up to the most complex and innovative future vehicle configuration as well as managing several configurations within one model with ease due to a unique layer modeling concept. Energy flow graphics provide a visual presentation of the energy flow between integrated components and the energy loss distribution analysis within the entire vehicle. These features, amongst others, help to establish CRUISE M as one of the most powerful and feature-rich tools in the market.

Aperçu des avantages

  • A fully coupled system level simulation that considers transient interactions between all sub-systems
  • An energy management concept design including system energy balance optimization
  • Efficient operating strategy and control development on component or system level including their interactions