Vehicle Dynamics, Driveability & Race Engineering

AVL provides a wide range of software and engineering services in the premier leagues of motorsport. Our integrated tool chain enables race teams to get the highest performance out of existing cars and guides future development.

Products & Services

Vehicle Simulation Tool Chain

AVL offers a high-end simulation and analysis tool-chain consisting of three main cornerstones: VSM, DRIVE Race and Optimizer.


AVL offers its customers the highest level of technical support. Our experts have deep domain expertise in one or several fields and are skilled at harnessing the vast knowledge and expertise of all of AVL's departments.

On-site VSM dyno installations

AVL's VSM Real-Time dyno installations are the perfect approach to testing and developing real hardware under the controlled conditions of a simulated environment.

Powertrain Design Racing

The race does not wait until the car is ready - high performance products, continuous improvements and extreme time pressures are fundamental challenges in motorsports. Based on our long history of technology leadership for powertrain engineering, testing and simulation, AVL Design masters these challenges on the basis of a strong backbone organization that enables the setup of a multidisciplinary, autarchic and creative experts team that operates with the utmost confidentiality.

AVL RACING Timing Tool

The AVL RACING Timing Tool supports racing teams to find and adapt the perfect race strategy. The live timing of the time service provider is processed in real time and plotted in a distinctive way.