Calibration Tools

Modern powertrain development creates significant challenges for the automotive industry. Essential vehicle attributes - performance, dynamics, fuel consumption, emissions and acoustics - depend on an optimized tuning of the control units. On the one hand, those calibration tasks are becoming more complex but on the other hand, optimal results in a shorter amount of time are demanded. To cover the wide range of tasks in their daily work, calibration engineers need efficient tools to put new methods into practice.

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AVL CRETA 5™ is the calibration data lifecycle management system designed for the calibration of all vehicle control units.


AVL CAMEO 4™ is a powerful tool that gives you one solution to handle the complete calibration process ‒ from data collection to map.


AVL CONCERTO 5™ is the generic data processing platform for visualizing, analyzing and reporting many measured and simulated data types. Moreover, it is used for application packages that address specific tasks. Further, AVL CONCERTO 5™ is a proud member of the AVL Team SUITE™.

AVL Smart Mobile Solutions

AVL Smart Mobile Solutions provide dedicated plug and play applications to support the vehicle calibration development whilst utilizing the existing vehicle testing infrastructure already at the engineer’s disposal.

Simulation for Calibration

AVL CRUISE™ M including engineering enhanced MOBEO modules introduces seamless control function development and calibration from MiL to SiL to HiL along with scalable model fidelity and an open integration concept.