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Tractor Engineering Solution

From first concept up to Start of Production - meeting time and cost targets

Flexible application diversity in a cost effective manner, productivity increase including precision as well as sustainability are driving the industry.


The Challenge

Application diversity leads to many variants

  • How can I manage application diversity in a cost effective manner?
  • How does the future powertrain have to look like in the off –road industry?


New technologies electrification

  • Which types of electrification are most advanced for the agricultural industry?
  • How to deal with the diversity of tractor and implement producers concerning electrification approaches?


Process Optimization

  • How to use electrification in order to optimize power supply at the implement?
  • How to successfully use autonomous driving solutions considering tractor and implement control?


The AVL Solution

AVL offers all services supporting the whole development life cycle of an agricultural tractor up to start of production and beyond. AVL guarantees an optimized tractor development process by using solutions based on the customer needs. Due to modular platform concepts and a strict design of the cost process AVL ensures optimum production costs. Understanding customer’s needs and the operation of the vehicle is how AVL can provide successful solutions.


The Added Value

  • Dedicated team of high level tractor experts
  • Advanced technology solutions for future optimized tractor and implement systems
  • Clearly defined development process, time and costs
  • Solutions based on customer needs


  • Complete tractor development up to start of production and support even after that
  • Powertrain developments for tractors, construction equipment and industrial purpose
  • Cabin Development including HMI terminal
  • Numerous engine development projects for tier/stage 3 and 4
  • Transmission projects from synchronized, CVT, powershift/shuttle, AMT to dual clutch systems
  • Development of control systems for engines, transmissions, integrated drivetrains and vehicle controls
  • Plant and Production Engineering for transmission and engine
  • Homologation of European Tractors


Tractor Development Process


Products & Services

Extensive engineering experience

Transmission and Transaxle Solution for Tractors

Development of all types of transmissions and transaxles for agricultural machines

The transmission / transaxle is one of the major parts defining the structural layout of the tractor. Finding the fitting solution to an existing...

Minimizing risk and failure

Reliability Engineering Solution for Commercial Vehicles

Support in reliability, risk management and safety topics in all phases of the product cycle

Reliability is a key characteristic, which significantly influences the economic success of a machine. The reliability of products is especially...

High qualified homologation support team

Homologation Support Solution for Tractors

Support of every single step of a type-approval

A lot of legal issues have to be considered in order to receive official approval and homologation for on road and off road traffic in different...

Exceeding safety standards according to frame directive

Functional Safety Solution for Commercial Vehicles

Ensuring electronic functional safety for vehicles

The ISO 26262 will become mandatory for each new truck development. Similar standards are already present for the agricultural & construction...