Vehicle Dynamics Engineering MAIN IMAGE

Next level of driving pleasure.


AVL Vehicle Dynamics Engineering supports car manufacturers in creating a class leading vehicle character in order to gain a strong market position and at the same time solving the conflict of balancing vehicle dynamics and vehicle CO2.

AVL Solution


  • Competitor vehicle testing
  • ISO Vehicle dynamics analysis
  • Competitor deep dive analysis
  • Objective vehicle assessment by AVL-DRIVE™ Handling & Ride comfort

Target Setting & Concept

  • Vehicle target setting by combination of simulation and objective rating
  • Component balancing for achieving targets
  • Virtual lap time & performance optimization
  • Simulation model build-up & correlation
  • Driver simulator: Concept development & evaluation
  • Virtual 7-post rig testing


  • Objective design validation
  • Lap time & performance design validation
  • Support of CAE suspension design
  • Recommendation of design changes

Component & System Testing

  • Design verification
  • Kinematic and compliance testing
  • Powertrain dyno development, calibration & validation
  • Component measurement & modeling
  • Tire testing & modelling
  • Driver-in-the-loop testing

Vehicle Testing

  • Prototype vehicle testing
  • Chassis tuning
  • Concept validation
  • Track support
  • Racing engineer service
  • Data acquisition service
  • Vehicle instrumentation
  • Data analysis

Release Testing

  • Target values approval test
  • AVL-DRIVE™ for quality gate tracking

AVL Approach

AVL creates added value through a combined approach of objective evaluation, accurate simulation, experienced engineers and the availability of high-end testing facilities.

Objective Evaluation Tools
The use of objective evaluation methods along the entire development process leads to comparable benchmarking results, easy target tracking and quality gate checking.
AVL-DRIVETM is used for evaluation of handling, ride comfort, driveability and performance.

Vehicle Dynamics simulation
The use of vehicle dynamic simulation predicts vehicle behavior precisely and enables early improvement of various driving attributes. AVL VSM™ Simulation Package:

  • Longitudinal, lateral & vertical vehicle behavior
  • Precise results through detailed vehicle modelling
  • Accurate limit handling simulation
  • Easy integration of active chassis systems

Huge engineering know-how
For the past few decades, AVL has gained comprehensive expertise in racing and vehicle dynamics engineering and has successfully proven this competence in numerous customer projects.

High-end testbeds
Dynamic development and testing of driveability, handling, performance and lap time is executed on virtual vehicle engine testbeds, dynamic powertrain dynos (2WD, 4WD) and the Hexapod driver-in-the-loop simulator.

Market Requirements

  • A strong market through a class leading vehicle character
  • High vehicle fleet recognition value by branded driving pleasure
  • Solving the conflict of balancing vehicle dynamics and vehicle CO2
  • Optimization of palpable driving attributes
  • Beat competitors on the track

OEM Tasks

  • Decision of required technology to achieve defined vehicle dynamics targets
  • Identification and balancing of cross influences between vehicle and powertrain components/system
  • Quick and easy OEM independent competitor benchmark of vehicle dynamics
  • High comparability to competitor vehicles
  • Target definition by objective ratings
  • Optimization of driving pleasure in the concept phase
  • Make vehicle characteristics palpable in the concept phase
  • Early development and testing of vehicle dynamics targets (handling, performance, lap time)
  • Early identification of design and tuning issues to avoid design changes
  • Concept & prototype evaluation in safe, deterministic and high reproducible testing environment

Benefits at a Glance

  • In-depth competitor view by usage of AVL's unique vehicle benchmark data base (> 50 vehicles per year)
  • Objective and independent vehicle benchmarking and evaluation with proven AVL products
  • Balancing vehicle dynamics and vehicle CO2 in early development phases
  • Continuous well interacting subjective and objective vehicle dynamic evaluation through the entire development process
  • Better performance and less prototypes by accurate performance and lap time prediction and optimization
  • Experience the vehicle characteristics on driving simulator