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Vehicle / Emission Certification

New vehicles must be tested and certified in relation to many different aspects before the operating license is issued. These aspects include, for example, driving noise, performance, consumption, emission and electromagnetic compatibility. AVL offers emission, fuel economy, greenhouse gas test, NVH and EMC solutions for vehicles on a chassis dynamometer, from small motorcycle and passenger cars up to light and heavy-duty trucks.
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Products & Services:

The AVL M.O.V.E GAS PEMS iS Portable Emission Measurement System (PEMS) is designed to measure NO/NO2 and CO/CO2 concentrations in the exhaust gas...
AVL CONCERTO M.O.V.E is a powerful post-processing tool specifically designed to automatically handle AVL M.O.V.E data.
The AVL M.O.V.E System Control is the central unit for controlling measurement devices, automatic test execution, data acquisition process,...
Emissions from vehicles do not only come from the exhaust produced by the engine but will also evaporate from the rest of the vehicle (mainly fuel...
AVL VT/VV-SHED systems constitute a state-of-the-art test system with specifically adjusted optimization with regard to the individual analysis tasks.
This solution is designed to perform complete vehicle or component endurance tests in order to develop or confirm specified characteristics.
This solution is designed to verify a wide range of vehicles on their compliance with both current and future worldwide exhaust emission standards.
A compact Portable Emission Measurement System (PEMS) for measuring the THC, NO/NO2, CO/CO2 and O2 concentrations within the exhaust gas of diesel...