Cost-efficient and flexible

Fuel Cell Solutions for Engineering and Testing

Comprehensive experience leading to outstanding solutions

Fuel cells are a potentially game-changing technology for mobility and power generation. AVL’s fuel cell engineering and testing offerings are...

Stationary power generation with highest efficiency

AVL Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Combined Heat and Power (AVL SOFC CHP)

Conversion of any hydrocarbon-based fuel or gas into electricity for stationary application

The superior electrical efficiency (up to 60 %) of this stationary power generator in even small power ranges combined with zero pollutant...

For a greener tomorrow

AVL Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) System

Advanced PEMFC system for electric vehicles - from passenger car, trucks and buses to marine application

AVL provides high-end customer-specific PEMFC engineering solutions ranging from computational cell/stack/system development over fuel cell...

Integrating The Future Today

Battery Future Technologies

Development of future technologies to the milestone of feasibility decision

AVL is actively looking into future battery technologies and their commercialization potentials, so we can offer our customers leading edge...

미래의 배터리 및 xEV 전략 강화

AVL 시리즈 배터리 벤치마킹

전 세계의 배터리 개발 지식에 쉽게 액세스 할 수 있습니다.

AVL은 시리즈 배터리의 객관적인 테스트와 경쟁사와의 심층 비교를 제공합니다. 포괄적인 서비스 패키지는 세계적으로 존재하는 자동차 배터리에 대한 중요한 정보를 제공합니다. 개발 기준 분석을 통해 매우 깊고 광범위한 배터리 노하우를 확보함으로써 AVL은 미래의...
AVL offers sophisticated approaches which Fulfill key battery design requirements such as energy density, thermal, mechanical and serviceability.

Experience High Development Competence

Batteries for Passenger Cars

Full Engineering Support For Automotive Grade Battery Development

Electrification of passenger cars is no longer a trend but already a fact. Functional, durable and reliable batteries are required to satisfy the...

Cost-effective and modular

AVL Battery Development for Truck and Bus

Development of future solutions – from grid to road

AVL has gained substantial experiences in the field of battery development to support future electrification and CO2-free mobility. AVL offers...

Highest productivity and short time-to-market

AVL e-axle systems for truck & bus

E-axle development for urban truck & bus - from system specification to SOP

AVL develops fully integrated e-axle systems for commercial vehicles. The compact packaging of all e-drive components (e-motor, transmission and...

AVL 48V Mild Hybrid Solutions

Meeting final product targets reliably and fast.

For far more than 10 years, AVL has gained extensive experience with the 48-Volt Technology – both for Gasoline and for Diesel applications. Based...

For best fuel efficiency and return on investment (ROI)

AVL Hybrid powertrain solutions for commercial vehicles (on road)

Definition and realization of the ideal technology mix – from component level to system integration

AVL’s hybrid powertrain systems integrate powertrain components such as ICE and transmission with electric components - electric motor, power...
AVL offers comprehensive services related to global automotive and industrial regulations and legislative requirements. These are mainly focused...
Hybrid Vehicle Powertrain Systems combine conventional powertrain components, an internal combustion engine and transmission, with new electric...